Hi! I’m Jenna, wife to Sam and mum to my daughter, S, who is 4 and my son, J, who is 2. I live in Penarth, which is near Cardiff in Wales and I work part time as a Project Officer. I’m excited to have you with me, on this journey that I am on, to follow my passion in life, which is helping mums to connect with each other, share their stories and to promote the huge benefits of self-care.

Mum2Mum Penarth is my ‘side-hustle’ and my passion. I’ve had the idea for Mum2Mum Penarth for years, but until very recently I never had the confidence to go for it. My husband actually pushed me to book my first event in September 2018, and since then I haven’t looked back!

What is Mum2Mum Penarth?

Primarily it’s a monthly meet up group for mums in Penarth to come along (without their kids) for 2 hours, to chat, meet like-minded mums and each meet up has a self-care focus. We have a guest speaker at each event who gives a talk on a self-care related topic, such as nutrition, family mindfulness & exercise. It’s usually held at a Creperie so an afternoon chatting to a group of mums and listening to our speaker talk whilst eating crepes and drinking prosecco is the ideal form of self-care for me! And more than that, just seeing the mums come together, sharing experiences, putting themselves first and just being them for 2 hours is just so lovely. My passion is to bring mums together to share their stories, to connect and to lift each other up and I feel truly grateful that I get to do that on a monthly basis!

To get a flavour of what the meet ups are like, read this blog post about the Mum2Mum Penarth Meet – January 2019.

The idea behind setting up the group was because I couldn’t find a group like it – I wanted to chat honestly to other mums, without my kids there, so I could have a proper conversation. Playdates and playgroups are great, but let’s be honest, we are distracted every 2 minutes with the kids, so sometimes if you are having a bad day, you don’t get past the pleasantries and chit chat.

I suffered with post-natal anxiety with both of my children, and talking to other mums and being honest with them about my struggles, has helped my recovery. Self-care and anxiety management courses have also had a huge part to play in my recovery and I want to share the message that self-care can really change your life.

Along with anxiety management courses, group CBT, 1 to 1 counselling and learning to prioritise self-care on a daily basis, I am proud to say that I had anxiety, rather than I have anxiety. It is a daily commitment to ensure that I keep on top of this and incorporate what I’ve learnt from each course to help me through the tough times.

Starting Mum2Mum Penarth has also helped me massively in terms of self-confidence. Digging deeper into the root of my anxiety, I realised that I had very low self-confidence and low self-esteem and a lot of the behaviours and limiting beliefs I had about myself linked back to that. Once I started building up my self-confidence by starting this venture, speaking at the meet ups, and putting myself out there, my confidence slowly increased. Coupled with daily self-care and continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone, I am in a good place and have big plans this year for Mum2Mum Penarth!