Mum2Mum Penarth Meet Up – January

The 5th Mum2Mum Penarth Meet Up took place on Sunday 13th Jan, 4-6pm at Crepe Escape Penarth.

img_20190113_185540_179 (1)

We kicked off the meet up with some delicious crepes, prosecco and lots of chatting! 13 mums came along to this meet up, many of which had been along to the meet ups before, and there were a few mums that came along for the first time. Often, mums will come along who have just moved to the area who are looking to build a network, which is great because we have a ready-made network waiting for them!

I have made some wonderful friends and connections just from organising these events for the last 5 months, and I love seeing other mums connect with each other. I know that it isn’t easy to turn up to an event on your own when you don’t know what to expect and just getting out of the house for 2 hours by yourself is no mean feat.

Our invited speaker was the wonderful Claire Jacklin who is a Personal Stylist. Claire talked passionately and honestly about her journey through motherhood, how styling is self-care and gave us some styling tips too. So important for us mums, I think, as we can lose our identity once we become mums. Essentially, we do become a new person don’t we – when a baby is born, so is a mother. We are irrevocably changed. How do we wear the right clothes now that we are a mum? Clothes need to be practical, but still show our personality. If you are wearing clothes that you like, that make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence, that is self-care right there. You are going to walk taller and act more confident by default. As Claire said, we deserve to put ourselves first, instead of at the bottom of the pile.

After Claire’s talk, I asked the group to discuss their achievements in 2018, a word to describe how they want to feel in 2019 and book/podcast/boxset recommendations too. This really helped us reflect positively on the year, for many mums, their huge achievement was having a baby in 2018, for some it was writing a book and for others it was getting through the year in one piece!

Talking about our word of the year, was enlightening and allowed us to think about our values and what actions we can take to allow ourselves to feel how we want to feel in 2019. My word of the year is ‘brave’, and after going to a new dance fitness class yesterday, I am putting it into practice!

I always leave each meet up feeling uplifted, inspired, energised and proud. I get so much out of running these meet ups and am grateful that I have met and continue to meet mums that think self-care is as important as I think it is!


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