Mum2Mum Penarth

Mum2Mum Penarth is primarily a monthly meet up for mums to come along, chat to other like minded mums with a focus on self care and wellbeing. The meet ups are for mums only, and no kids, purely so us mums can have a proper break!!

We have a guest speaker at our meet ups, and have so far had a family mindfulness coach and a nutritionist along who have been great! I also chat about self care myself, as I’m passionate about the benefits of self care for mums.

Another reason why I set up the group was because I’ve struggled with anxiety since my eldest (who is 4) was a baby. In December 2017, I was at my lowest point. I contacted Mind, my GP and have been attending anxiety management courses and counselling since then. I’m very much a work in progress but I’m a different person to who I was a year ago, and I’m proud of that. My thinking is that if I’m struggling, then other mums must be too. And if I can share my story, it may give them the courage to share theirs too.

Bringing together the aspects of mums having a break without the kids, mums talking openly to each other, and having a self care element to the group creates a unique atmosphere that us mums need. Sometimes all we need is that space away to think, breathe, chat and we go home with a positive mindset.


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